Paul Mercier

Actor ✧

Voice Over

Performance Coach

Losing Your Voice Sucks

Depend on Your Voice to Work?

With Proper Technique

You Can Develop Endurance and Resilience

and Prevent  Vocal Damage


Are You a Voice Actor?


Learn how to preserve & protect the versatile fragile box of gold that is only yours.

And deliver results they want.

It’s well established that vocal production for interactive media is rigorous, strenuous and frankly, exhausting.


Add the relentless pressure to perform at your best and it could be a recipe for disaster.



Where can you learn  to support, nurture and strengthen your voice?


Would you run a marathon without training for months or even years?


You need voice workouts training.

Just as an athlete trains daily, actors need voice training daily.


There are no shortcuts to vocal health.

Are you well trained and practiced in your VOCAL technique?

Your voice is your living.


Shout at full volume, yell, scream, fight, fall from great heights, die

AND die again without long-term damage to your most important asset!

Voice Workouts for Dynamic Range with Paul Mercier

Train your voice FTW!

Paul Mercier (Ace Combat, Call of Duty, Resident Evil) has made his career in Indoor and Outdoor Theaters, Sound Stages for ADR & Looping, as well as in Video Games since they were 8-bit cartridges.


Before that he trained for the stage at Adelphi University in New York and continued classical training in London with the legends of Voice & Speech at Royal Shakespeare Co. & National Theatre of Great Britain: Cicely Berry ( Voice & the Actor ) and Patsy Rodenburg ( Need For Words ).


Paul combines more than 30 years experience as a working professional Voice Actor and Teaching Artist to train you with the vocal skills you need to succeed with the power and stamina producers expect.


Give yourself the vocal health you deserve while continuing to work and further your career.




What I teach in Voice Workouts develops deep breath support, control, capacity, voice placement and vocal range for enduring the extreme working conditions for today's demanding environments.



Learn how to identify and release habitual tension that can lead to injury before you even open your mouth! How to self regulate and manage yourself in a session with producers, become aware of the warning signs of vocal fatigue before it leads to damage. You need to work out. You need to warm up. There are many differences between a workout and a warm up.


I share my practiced techniques developed and learned  from the leaders of human vocal production.


These workouts are for professionals who rely on their voices.

Game Actors, Directors, Speakers, Presenters, Trainers & Educators



Voice Workouts for Dynamic Range

with Paul Mercier

Kris Zimmerman says:

--I've directed Paul in many vocally stressful sessions & he delivers start to finish.

Adam Dolin says:

--When I recorded dialog for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, many of them would lose their voice before the end of the session. Paul taught me that there are ways you can shout that will only cause you fatigue and not damage.

 I believe this is a healthier method for those pursuing a long-term career in voice acting.

Not a just voice over class



 it’s vocal production


workouts now forming:


Valley and West Los Angeles


small group




4 and 6 week

Events and weekend intensives


Privates in my studio Rich Corinthian Audio


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Paul Mercier

Actor ✧ Voice Over ✧  Performance Coach